Roblox CG Artwork


I’ve had a look at the majority of Roblox artwork and especially with 3D artwork renders and I feel like they’ll missing something from their projects.

So what I have decided to do for preparation for my game EXILE is to try and create something unique and almost realistic.

For my artwork, I decided to use a technique where you go out in the real world and take pictures of a bricks wall or a rocky/mossy ground/mud/roads or even rocks and then use Octane Render Nodes to displace those pictures and bump them to turn them into photorealistic textures.

Let me know what you think of my photorealistic photos! And if you would like one just send me a DM on here or my discord James Noot#6687

My Twitter is @JamesMRD5

Kriss Vector Modelled by @HeadlessCanadian


So… would you do commission work?

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It’s awesome, but if it’s going to be for advertising your game then I don’t like it as it would be super misleading.

For now they’re just beautiful pieces of artwork but they’re not for my game yet anyway.

Definitely! Just contact me on discord.

I happen to own Octane I would like to have know what program you used to make the true displacement maps and normal maps.

It’s all done in Octane man! No external programs or anything. But if you DM me on discord then I can explain as it’s quite lengthy.

Yeah lol a lot of Roblox GFX is unrealistic. A lot of that is due to the fact that most people have no idea what their doing and/or are like 12. I can do this stuff too (unless you modeled the vector because I cant model very well) but I usually don’t because I often get underpaid. I have done higher quality renders before but sadly not often.

I want to know too lol

I did this yesterday in under 10 minutes as a challenge to myself and tbh it doesn’t look too bad actually!