Roblox Characters Not Synced With The Client

So I am having a bug where there is a 50% chance that a character will not be synced with the server on someones client.

I believe there is a script in my game causing this issue but I am not sure what it is, if you have got any clues please reply.

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Hello Exotic.

I think your problem is that the script(s) is maybe running on client only and if the player works in server, then the “client” script will not run the player. But the thing that confuses me too is the 1/2 chance to not be synced with the server on someone’s client.. But I don’t really know how to fix the issue.

The problem was I wasn’t setting the humanoidrootpart’s position in the right way so it would be messed up on the server, I solved this by :setprimarypartcframe.

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Oh alright. So it was not the problem of Client and Server. Just the problem of the humanoidrootpart.