Roblox chat customization

Hey, so I wanna customize these things in the chat:
Color players name & text depending on what fighter they choose
Give the typewriter effect to player messages (UI Animations | Roblox Creator Documentation)

Any idea how to do these?
Thank you!

I’m Talking about chat, not bubble chat.

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For the chat you could use BubbleChatSettings.UserSpecificSettings or also refer to the article made about the New Bubble Chat Optimization.

Not bubble chat whoops my bad, but here is another post that can help you made by colbert2677 that should deal with everything.

ChatSettings wouldn’t accomplish what OP wants. For that they should be looking at the Lua Chat System API docs and making some attempts based on some research there as well as other threads or resources that cover the same scope of features.

Name colours and text would implement SetExtraData from ChatSpeaker assuming the colours need to remain consistent and the foundation for chats sent. Typewriter effects would need to be performed through Message Creator Modules. Instead of showing the text on the label all at one time, they can apply a typewriter effect to the created label (whether it implements MaxVisibleGraphemes or another solution). There is a code sample available for reference.


So would it just be easier to remake entire roblox chat?

No. The Lua Chat System supports high customisability out of the box and with APIs it provides. I’ve pointed out the resources you’ll need to make this system so it’s up to you to do some research and come up with an attempt or full solution using those resources.