Roblox Client Crash on Mobile Device when Joining "Despicable Me 4 Heist Obby

Issue Description:

When attempting to join the Roblox experience “Despicable Me 4 Heist Obby” on a mobile device, the client crashes. This issue does not occur when joining the same experience on a PC.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open the Roblox application on a mobile device.
  2. Search for and select the experience titled “Despicable Me 4 Heist Obby.”
  3. Attempt to join the experience.
  4. Observe the behavior of the application.

Expected Behavior

The game should load and run smoothly, allowing the player to join and play “Despicable Me 4 Heist Obby” without any issues.

Actual Behavior

Upon attempting to join the experience, the Roblox client crashes on the mobile device. This crash occurs consistently and prevents the user from playing the game.

Visual Aids:

A private message is associated with this bug report


Could we please get some more information on the device and platform you’re crashing on. I opened the experience and played a round of a game mode with an iPhone 13 just now and it seems to run fine.

The video to me looks like an iOS device, but the model and information about the device and version of the app could help a lot.


Hey @LightSettingsGuy! How are you? Happy Wednesday! :wave:

You can see the details regarding the model, app, and anything else by the private message associated with this topic! Just look at the last part of the description and you are going to be able to see that it is right there!

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Hi, Ive been getting similar issues with my game from users, I personally have been unable to replicate the bug but ive had 3 reports of people getting flashing screens and artifacts just like the bug posted here.
My game: Shipping Lanes - Roblox
Only started to get these issues around 3-4 days ago.
First user bug report, Didnt mange to get what phone model they are using, but they are running IOS 17.5

Second users phone, They said they were on Iphone 12, and using IOS 18.0.3 which seems to be a beta release right now… (No idea if this is the cause but its possible)

This issue really needs to be fixed, from the videos I posted this can give people sensitive to flashing colors seizures…


I’ve been getting similar reports as well for my game

IPad 10th generation
IOS 17.5.1
Latest version of Roblox app

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It seems that this issue is also expanding to other experiences somehow… Hopefully, this can be fixed!

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Hey @LightSettingsGuy !

It’s been a while since we’ve talked here and I wanted to know if there are any updates regarding this bug

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Greetings! I believe the bug has been added to our backlog of things to fix. It would likely take a while to be triaged appropriately. I tried reproducing the issue on my end, but unfortunately it seems I can’t get it to crash in the way it shows in the video.

The fix for this will likely be handed off from me to the person who it is triaged to.


Thanks for the report! Could you provide some logs? You can find how to get and send the files to us in this topic: How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - Developer Forum | Roblox

Hey @thirdtakeonit!

How can you send logs from Roblox on Mobile? I saw the link and the guides, but they seem to be demonstrating in another platform from the other that I reported within this post…