Roblox client crashes by TeleportService

In my game, Obby King Remastered, players have been reporting a bug where their game crashes when they entered the Singleplayer portal (1 player server as sub-place in a whole game) from the main lobby (hub up to 50 players) and the frame pop up and they clicked “Teleport” button to teleport to the singleplayer.
The bug happened when I released the update on the Obby King game includes two matchmaking systems using teleport service on the 22/08/2020.

My main game link: Obby King Remastered - Roblox
Singleplayer as sub-place in the main game link: Obby King Remastered - Roblox

My current Singleplayer teleporter code below:

getTeleportText.Text = “TELEPORTING…”
game:GetService(“StarterGui”):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.All, false)
if getSingleplayerFrame.Position ==, 0,0.33, 0) then
getSingleplayerFrame:TweenPosition(,0,0.33,0), “In”, “Back”, 0.5, true)
tweenFrame() – CloseFrame
getTeleportText.Visible = true
game:GetService(“TeleportService”):Teleport(1104594577, player) --(Singleplayer place)

This is the pretty much same code I had for a year before I released large hub lobby up to 50 players.

A screenshot that I provided by the players:


I’d like to confirm this issue, it has happened to me before, this could easily affect player counts by the thousands. Games that rely heavily on teleportation like Tower Defense Simulator, by @BelowNatural, and Tower Battles, by @Planet3arth. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly.

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@zZGalaxySolarManZz I’ll send you a PM

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Whenever I go through a portal on my game the game suddenly crashes this only happens on pc and Xbox (haven’t tested mac) but all other devices seem to be fine this is really frustrating because my game can’t work without teleporting into other places which are in the game.

This didn’t always happen on pc and Xbox it used to work fine on those platforms and the script hasn’t changed.

There used to be a bug on pc only which would cause the game to crash when you went through a portal but that was easily fixed by resetting studio settings which I admit was annoying but if it fixed the problem I was happy. So if you’re having this problem try resetting studio settings but this fix is no longer working for me and before it would only happen to those who use Roblox Studio but now it happens to all pc users and Xbox.

Repro file: bug.rbxl (51.9 KB)

The bug in action: (I had already gone through the portal before moving backward)

My Game:Gravity Obbys! [ ShutDown ] - Roblox
The group my games on:Polarfrost Productions - Roblox

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This is because of a virus in your Roblox game. This happened to me before and it was all because of a virus in my game.

I know for sure i haven’t inserted any viruses in my game. As i don’t use free models and don’t use any plugins that have viruses though it wasen’t just me working on the game. Edit:Thankyou for telling me.


Hey, check for loose scripts, this could be a virus, like WEcompany said. I can support this statement.

Yep, it is a virus though it’s not my fault it is my builders and I can’t get him too remove his plugins because he insists their not viruses. I know for the fact he has virus plugins now because when he joins studio a virus is inserted or he could be using free models though I’ve seen him build from scratch so I would like to assume he’s not.
Though just in case I’ve added a virus Plugin here are my plugins.

All of those look fine, except I’ve never heard of easyWeld or Toggle Widget

What I would suggest doing is going to the comment section (if its on) and seeing what other users say. Most of the time, viruses have comments disabled to hide what they are, but I wouldn’t judge off of that.

If other users are reporting problems, and your game is breaking that bad, I would remove the problem plugin.

A compromise with the builder would force him to make the assets in a separate game and then you can filter/process any harmful scripts from the asset then implement it into the game.