Roblox Client crashes when I exit

Every time my Roblox Game Client closes, I get an error message. I am on Windows 7 and even though it doesn’t cause any problems playing the game, the error window gets annoying to close.


It would help if you provided the error message.

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You mean this?

Exactly that, sorry I didn’t notice your post somehow. Have you found a fix?

Exactly that, sorry I didn’t notice your post somehow. Have you found a fix?[/quote]

Nope, but it’s not much of an issue in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Have tried uninstalling and re downloading and that doesn’t work. Is there a recent roblox update that caused this? Is it a hardware or a driver issue? Does anyone else have this problem?

I don’t think anyone else has this problem. I tried re-downloading it a few times, I’ve tried uninstalling the c++ Redistributable packages and no luck. This randomly started happening

I have this problem as well. I’ve only noticed it on one computer of the two I ever use for ROBLOX.

Lots of people have this problem bruh (me included)
It’s been reported like 4 times here lol (although the search feature isn’t picking them all up at once because the keywords are different each time)

Going to try a system restore.

All that trouble for something that’s a mere annoyance rather than a real issue?

Roblox bugs surface all the time for me, but they always fix themselves after a while, and reinstalling never helps.

Report the issue and just wait

I think this was somehow fixed when I upgraded to Windows 10.