Roblox client crashing at random intervals

My friend is having an issue with roblox,where if he joins any game the “An unexpected error occurred and Roblox needs to quit.” message appears at totally random times. Can be seconds,hours.

He is running Windows 11.

we tried:
-Compatibility mode
-clearing cache
-disabling every overlay program
-anti virus disabling
-graphics driver change from game ready to studio,vica versa
-most of the solutions that the internet offers.
Even reinstalled windows,then it was good for some day then it started crashing.

Interestingly logs are being made before the game crashes and usually contains

2023-07-30T15:52:21.713Z,97.713173,2288,6 [FLog::Output] Studio D3D9 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
2023-07-30T15:52:21.713Z,97.713173,2288,6 [FLog::Output] Studio D3D9 GPU: Vendor 10de Device 2504
2023-07-30T15:52:21.713Z,97.713173,2288,6 [FLog::Output] Studio D3D9 Driver: nvldumdx.dll

I would appreciate any help because its getting on my nerves that not a single solution has worked before.

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Could ram be an issue? Also keep in mind rule 10 , even though I doubt you’d get in trouble for it.

well ram usage is normal and nothing seems out of the ordanary,so i would doubt its that but is there any way to make sure?