Roblox Client Crashing, but working fine in studio

I am trying to test some new features added to a game I work for.

My Roblox Client will not load the game. Roblox Studio does it just fine, I don’t know what is the issue. I have reinstalled Studio and the Client. Also, when I am in studio, it gets kind of laggy.

I have tried looking the issue up on the Forum, reinstalling the client, application just freezes, no crash or anything. I have to force quit the application.

Lag errors:

Happened with my coworkers as well:
image - Studio usage
Studio for me -

Roblox Client:

Please help me, we have our first testing session on Friday, and we need to figure this out ASAP.

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It seems like you’re calling a lot of WaitForChild()'s, are you running them all through a loop or something? My only assumptions that you’re a loop on the client side that could potentially be causing that crash to happen

Or maybe you installed some sort of malicious plugin/model somewhere?

Are you running a while loop/for loop without adding a wait() ? Try looking through scripts to find one.

Another solution is making sure that ALL the objects you are using WaitForChild() for is actually there. Most of the time, the object you are looking for isn’t there, so try re-locating it.

Finally, try closing some programs on your computer because that could be using a lot of memory and could also make studio slow.

Press “Control” + “Shift” + “F”, then type “:IsStudio()”! If you find any results, please reply here!

It’s almost certainly an issue with your code. If your client is crashing, it’s client sided code. We can probably help you with that if you send some client code (specifically the character view port thing, that’s probably it. It shouldn’t have that many WaitForChilds failing) (note anything client sided can be stolen by exploiters anyways, so sending the forum code can’t really hurt).

Quick guess, I assume you may have deleted a part of your character view port avatar editor thing (or it never existed) that your code tries to get every frame or something so your game just infinitely leaks memory with WaitForChilds.

To fix this, only use WaitForChild once at the top of your code when possible. Also use the 2nd parameter, the time out. This stops it from searching after a set amount of time (remember to handle if the WaitForChild fails and is nil). Especially don’t use it in a connection like RenderStepped or Heartbeat.

Again though, just speculation. I’ve never ran into that problem, and Roblox might have added some code that combines those or something. You can check if this is the problem by moving that entire ScreenGui to ServerStorage temporarily and testing if the game works then.

You can also message me the section of code that’s giving that warning and I might be able to debug it.

My specification.
M1 ’ MacBook Pro - 13 inch
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 1 Terabyte

I have already managed that, and that isn’t the problem.

Try running Server/Client in Studio with a few players (F7 or Test > set mode to Server)

See multi client simulation

Checked, found nothing. Possibly, might be a memory leak.

My team and me believe we have the source to the issue. Now, our goal is how to try and fix it, and identify if it’s a memory leak.`

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@Jackscarlett, @EconomicSerg567, @ItsPlasmaRBLX, @PersonifiedPizza, and @WingItMan
Thank you for all your suggestions to help me fix the problem! We have identified the issue and the game is back up! Surprised, matchmaking or Quests wasn’t the cause, but a Player Dashboard we have been working on.

Thank you,

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