Roblox client does not detect that SteamVR is running

It is kind of supported by Oculus. You can buy an app for the Quest called Virtual Desktop, which allows you to stream your desktop and VR games from a computer on the same network. In the version sold on the Quest store VR streaming is disabled at the request of Oculus for “comfort reasons”. So you have to install the VR streaming version using Sidequest.

Using magic, Virtual Desktop lets SteamVR recognize the headset and controllers. But that won’t work with Roblox because of the way zeuxcg’s implemented his SteamVR headset detection bug workaround and the VR setting on Roblox not forcing Roblox into VR via SteamVR.

I don’t know how Roblox handles peripherals detected by the Oculus PC App compared to SteamVR. Virtual Desktop is able to interface directly with SteamVR but it can’t interface with the Oculus App. One idea I have is to try some software called Revive which lets you play Oculus exclusive games through SteamVR. I doubt this simple solution will do anything but I’ll try tomorrow anyway.

Revive doesn’t work in my experience with Roblox, however I’ve heard from some people (i think with WMR headsets) that it does.

The reverse happens with me, roblox always says vr mode on.

@zeuxcg Are we getting a fix for this bug soon?
This is the bug you reported three years ago, does this bug still exist? The status says closed? If this bug really still exists in OpenVR all these years later we should at least have a better workaround. At least an advanced setting which allows us to ignore the whitelist and force Roblox into VR.

This bug status says closed but it was never fixed as far as I’m aware. Last time we checked was at the end of 2019 and it still occurred. We don’t plan to provide a different workaround - there’s no convenient place to add the setting to start VR, and no other workarounds are available.

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It’s OK if it’s not convenient. Also is the Quest in the whitelist? I tried launching Roblox with the Quest plugged in (while still streaming VR) but that didn’t work.

Was this through Oculus Link? We probably don’t support that right now but that can probably be fixed assuming you actually have Oculus software installed - we don’t support Oculus headsets through SteamVR.

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Oh no it’s not using Oculus Link, if you read my posts above you can get more info. My idea was that if the Quest is in the whitelist then having it plugged in while SteamVR is working would make Roblox start in VR via SteamVR. The same way @theLMGN was able to make his non-whitelisted headset work by spoofing a whitelisted headset. But as you just said Roblox apparently doesn’t support Oculus headsets through SteamVR so nothing happens.

Isn’t the point of using SteamVR to generalize VR input so you don’t have to know the specifics of the headset and controllers? Why don’t Oculus headsets work through SteamVR?

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I have created a new, more specific post about the bug which causes the issue in this thread.

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Honestly I don’t understand why this isn’t supported; Wouldn’t it be much simpler to allow the SteamVR Tie-in universally as long as SVR detects controllers, VR should be allowed on Roblox’s side. I have the Quest 2, and would love to start developing VR Games, but I don’t want to spend 70 dollars on a cable when I can get a wayyyyyy better experience through the use of the Virtual Desktop Application, which uses the OVR Server to Tie into SteamVR.

If anyone has any real insight into why this isn’t possible, I’d love to hear it, but honestly, I don’t see why it’s not implemented yet.


Sorry to necro, Same issue with an index. Steam support gave me the equivalent of a pat on the head and saying it wasn’t their problem. Seems more or less globally SteamVR hates Roblox, not the other way around.

Edit for clarity: Tested different games with 3 different models I owned using SteamVR and all failed.

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This issue is an issue in Roblox, not SteamVR.

There are multiple posts about this on the SteamVR forums and one of the steam staff (apparently) on the project said openly in a post that they updated some stuff and Roblox never fixed drivers linking to certain models. Not sure if this is still accurate however since that reply was made last month.

That was fixed in this post. Roblox client does not detect that SteamVR is running - #11 by zeuxcg