Roblox client does not detect that SteamVR is running

Sorry, this slipped through somehow. We aren’t prioritizing VR support but it’s trivial to expand the list of vendors/devices we support (unfortunately we need to care about this because Valve never fixed an issue with USB discovery in SteamVR SDK that we reported 4 years ago or so now). I’ll add Vive Cosmos to the list based on your SteamVR system report, hopefully that works - will go live next week.


I don’t know if this works with Roblox but I’d expect Oculus Link to be a more optimal route here?

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Oculus Link works but VR streaming from a nearby PC over 5Ghz wifi is wayyy better imo. In my case, my router is in a room where I am able to make an open play space and my PC is in a smaller nearby room.

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And I forgot to mention how liberating it is to not need cables.

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I think this (might) be related?

Roblox Studio doesn’t seem to detect SteamVR at all (only works for Oculus headsets). Would there be any chance of a quick fix being implemented, or is the issue bigger than that?

This is severely impairing mine, and many other developers, ability to create new VR games - requiring us to boot into a live server just to test updates. Not only that, but the developer console isn’t accessible, either. I’ve had to resort to this crude method of debugging:

(Modern problems require modern solutions)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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This is unrelated but there should be a fix for this next week as well.

Basically, we had two problems with SteamVR:

  • In Studio, when we switched to 64-bit a while ago we didn’t update SteamVR integration to correctly account for that. So VR would work in client but not in Studio. This will be fixed next week.
  • In either Client or Studio, we need to white-list the VR devices we support through SteamVR. As per this thread, the white list was missing HTC Vive Cosmos.

I’m really glad you guys are still supporting VR (although not pushing more updates for it). I really look forward to it potentially becoming a priority again in the near future. Thanks! :smiley:

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By this, you mean that whitelisted headsets will be properly detected in Studio. And it does not mean that Roblox will launch in VR when SteamVR is running with any random detected headset and controllers?

Just to clarify.

Yes, correct. We still need to whitelist headsets because otherwise SteamVR would start for people who don’t even have VR devices but have SteamVR installed.

So with the problem I’m having, it means that either the Oculus Quest is not whitelisted or that Virtual Desktop causes the headset to not be defined as an Oculus Quest.

But when I check the system report tool in SteamVR it correctly identifies it as an Oculus Quest. But what do I know? :man_shrugging:

SteamVR system report:

It would be nice if users had the option to disable the whitelist and enable VR manually, somehow…
Maybe by enabling VR mode in the roblox menu?

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I’m pretty sure that the Oculus Quest isn’t whitelisted because they simply haven’t developed a version of Roblox that works with the Oculus Quest.

It works when using the Oculus Link. So yes it does work. It just has to be manually added to a whitelist, otherwise SteamVR launches when nothing is plugged in.

I’ve been thinking about how made you workaround for detecting if Roblox should launch in VR. From what I understand, you are checking if a whitelisted USB device is physically connected to the computer.

Even if you add Oculus Quest to the whitelist, it won’t help me because I don’t have the Quest physically connected via USB port.

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I’m pretty sure since the Oculus headsets don’t use SteamVR when using Roblox, that including them in this list isn’t required. Is the streaming solution you’re using officially supported by Oculus or is it just a SteamVR extension?

It is kind of supported by Oculus. You can buy an app for the Quest called Virtual Desktop, which allows you to stream your desktop and VR games from a computer on the same network. In the version sold on the Quest store VR streaming is disabled at the request of Oculus for “comfort reasons”. So you have to install the VR streaming version using Sidequest.

Using magic, Virtual Desktop lets SteamVR recognize the headset and controllers. But that won’t work with Roblox because of the way zeuxcg’s implemented his SteamVR headset detection bug workaround and the VR setting on Roblox not forcing Roblox into VR via SteamVR.

I don’t know how Roblox handles peripherals detected by the Oculus PC App compared to SteamVR. Virtual Desktop is able to interface directly with SteamVR but it can’t interface with the Oculus App. One idea I have is to try some software called Revive which lets you play Oculus exclusive games through SteamVR. I doubt this simple solution will do anything but I’ll try tomorrow anyway.

Revive doesn’t work in my experience with Roblox, however I’ve heard from some people (i think with WMR headsets) that it does.

The reverse happens with me, roblox always says vr mode on.

@zeuxcg Are we getting a fix for this bug soon?
This is the bug you reported three years ago, does this bug still exist? The status says closed? If this bug really still exists in OpenVR all these years later we should at least have a better workaround. At least an advanced setting which allows us to ignore the whitelist and force Roblox into VR.

This bug status says closed but it was never fixed as far as I’m aware. Last time we checked was at the end of 2019 and it still occurred. We don’t plan to provide a different workaround - there’s no convenient place to add the setting to start VR, and no other workarounds are available.

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