Roblox Client Screen Size [X, Y]

I’m creating a splash screen in Adobe Xd, but I’m not sure what the Roblox Client screen size is, may somebody let me know please?

I’m not too sure what you mean - there is no static size for the Roblox Client. It is dependent on the device, and if you have it resized or not… Best you can do is assume 16:9 / 16:10 aspect ratios

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Thanks, I was making a background for an FPS styled menu, however I wasn’t sure how it’d work if I was to design it in Adobe Xd.

You can use scale for the image or if you wanted to add some scripting, you could add a frame (change size to 1,0,1,0)(make invisible), and use the script to read the AbsoluteSize of that frame, and it gives you the pixel size for the screen.

Nein, AbsoluteSize is the Current size of the “client”, Everyone have different screen ratio & resolution, taking the base of only your own AbsoluteSize is kinda the same as doing everything via offset somehow.

The most common nowadays might be 1920x1080 (alias Full HD), but you need to keep in mind Mobile/Tablet devices is commonly used, and it seems a good variety of screen, eventually similar cases like 4:3+ (the classic) is still on use for some of the low-budget, it wouldn’t surprise me actually.

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Roblox runs on pretty much every platform out there, because of this there is no definitive screen resolution. I’d recommend 1920x1080 because its versatile and can be scaled up and down without loosing too much quality.