Roblox Concept: Themes!

Your wish is my command!

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I really like that! Hopefully roblox decides to add something like this, and I like the name, “Night Time City”!

You know stylish exists right? That deals with exactly the same thing that you are making a concept for

You can already do this for free with Stylus, but I do think this would be a nice idea (heck, I’d love to see this implemented) - I reckon this would stop making Roblox look so bland which is amazing.

One thing though, this should go in #feature-requests:website-features instead of here.

Side note: Stylish (the original userstyle addon) is spyware, just get Stylus instead

Mobile Support! Easy to use! Built in!

I mean roblox has that lol’z, white theme or dark theme

Stylish is spyware, don’t use it it records your browsing history