Roblox Concept: Themes!

Please don’t comment “Roblox should be working on more important things” This is a concept and not a feature request.
Inspired by Android 12

Themes is a way to customize Roblox. Instead of just “Light” and “Dark”, choose “Lime” or “Blue”
(Light and Dark would stay, don’t worry!)
The entire website has new accents to fit your theme.

The Website is modern, but not as dull as it is today.
It invokes a friendly experience that is more inviting for younger audiences, for developers, a more custom look as you complete your game (this would expand to a redesigned Roblox studio).
The site layout is the same, so there’s no relearning anything.

UGC creators can make this site look completely different.
So the whole site doesn’t get trashed, there would be limitations to this:

  • UGC Creators only
  • The header has to stay
  • It must be moderated by a person.

What do you think of this, and is there anything you want to see from this concept?


This looks very bright, the Roblox icon rotation look competed ugly, the colors are super bright that it doesn’t fit well with white. i can barely see the explore,avatar shop,create. you need changed the colors.


Y’know, Stylus exists and there are themes for Roblox there. Also, why lock this behind UGC creators? There are many talented artists on Roblox that are already not in the UGC program. This limits so many people from creating stuff.


This sounds like a really cool idea! There’s just one thing I’m a little confused about.

By UGC creators, do you mean people who create hats and accessories or just people who create games in general? Because technically, all developers are UGC creators, because UGC is consider User Generated Content.

to prevent a website version of this:


i deeply love that idea! i hope roblox does it.

almost like how windows has themes that you can download and install!

UGC is those that creates hats and accessories on Roblox.

How would that happen? its a theme, you can’t really trash a website with a theme thats built in…
Or do you mean only UGC creators can make themes? or Roblox makes them?
I need way more information, I don’t get what you mean by that at all.

I don’t think I understand the idea fully. Are you saying that UGC creators will be the ones to determine the theme of the entire site for everyone, or do the UGC creators submit theme ideas to Roblox moderation which then get approved, and everyone can pick their own theme? Because if it’s the first one, then I personally think this is a terrible idea as I don’t need other people changing the style of Roblox. I personally think that the way the website is right now is fine, and I like dark mode.

No, UGC creators are not changing the site. It would be available as a option for users, preferably in the marketplace

Read the concept. UGC creators would be able to change the layout of the entire site, excluding the header.

But I still don’t get how that would trash the site. Its entirely the user thats able to determine if they want to use a theme or not.

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I think this would be really cool if each user could build their own custom theme for personal use too.

Thats a good idea! This would work well, so people can still build themes without ruining the experience for others.

An idea similar to this was thrown around many years ago but has never seen official implementation. Third party plugins have proven that it’s possible even without Roblox officially supporting it.

I don’t think this feature necessitates the use of the catalog or UGC creators, if this were to come to fruition it’d simply be something that’s able to be togggled in the users settings menu.

I like this idea, perhaps have things like:

  • The ability to change how the Roblox logo appears on the site
  • Change of fonts
  • Have textures as the main background

Get! Set! Go!

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As a dark-mode user, it’d be really annoying to go to a random UGC item page and have my eyes blasted with pure white. please correct me if I was wrong to assume that when a UGC creator changes a page for their item, it is like that on that page for all roblox users
I’d like it if:
a.) some themes had darker color pallets
b.) the entire site theme could be changed from the client, for that user only

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