Roblox Constraints not working on play but working on run

Attatched I have a .rbxl of my issue, it is a base issue with constraints.

The code/constraints work when I press run but not when I play. I suspesct this to be a roblox issue, I have added multiple examples of what this is.

Inside of the .rbxl file you will see a piston model that you can move with your mouse by selecting one of them and moving it up/down. Only move the part. This works in run but not in play.

Attacthed is a c-130 that uses hinges for its propellers they work in run but not in play.

This is my first time posting on dev fourm and I am a new scripter so I understand if the scripts are not perfect. Please be kind if I posted this in the wrong section or I am slow to respond.
PleaseHelp.rbxl (119.6 KB)


I’m making a game almost entirely revolving around different constraints and I can’t see the issue other than the fact that it’s not working.

I’ve spent like an hour altering the scripts, using different constraint types, changing properties, and I’ve got nothing lol.

Did you try publishing the game and playing it in a private server?

If it doesn’t work then, my money’s on it being a Roblox problem and not a you problem.


Nope doesnt work must likely roblox issue. Searching dev fourm I found this:

Its posted months ago and still not fixed… Kind of makes me mad that roblox has known about this yet we have had no updates. Roblox please stop adding AI scripting and fix the core ideas of the game engine…

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Im sure they’ll fix it eventually, but only as soon as people have figured out workarounds and Roblox adds new alternatives that deprecate the old constraints

Like old school motors and hinges lol

Yeah, however its been since march and this is a major bug