Roblox crashes a lot for me. Any fixes?

Hi. I have been having issues ever since the 64 bit update game out. Ever since then. If I rejoin a game, about every 5th server I join/rejoin, my game crashes shortly after. Sometimes it can crash by saying “An unexpected error has occurred and Roblox needs to quit.”, or it crashes by just closing the app suddenly with no message. And other times, it can crash just after an hour or less of being on the server. I have tried completely reinstalling Roblox, deleting cache, deleting thumbnail cache, temp files, and deleting every file related to the Roblox app (Not Roblox studio yet). I have also tried seemingly all the options in YouTube tutorials I watch. I have all my drivers updated for my GPU and etc. The thing is, this doesn’t happen to my laptop. It is a semi old laptop but I can afk on that thing all night and it won’t crash. Any help would be appreciated on how I can fix this. Thank you.


I’d suggest getting a staff member to help you with this. Try creating a bug report and providing the crash dump & log file so that they can review it.


Man, I know this pain and exactly what you are talking about! I have dealt with this issue a few times before. Along with a different type of crash where I can still move about and even hear VC conversations but can’t send messages or interact with certain things in the game, everyone else is stuck running in place till I rejoin the server. Anyway, that is not what this is about. While I was dealing with this problem, I found that most, if not all, of the time it was a mixture of bad Wi-Fi and high graphics quality. And if that’s your case, considering how you said your laptop was old, maybe it just can’t handle some bigger Roblox games on higher graphics, so you’ll just have to lower them! This happens to me a lot when I’m playing a full server on a game with a huge map and tons of people driving, shooting, and doing whatnot, and usually, I can run it on full graphics just fine, but it’s whenever I have bad Wi-Fi or am not home that I for some reason seem to crash on it more, so yeah, I’d say check your Wi-Fi and turn down your graphics a bit (if you have them at 10, lower them to 5). If that doesn’t help you at all, I apologize, but this is just what has seemed to help me most of the time.


Hello. Thank you for taking the time to respond, but I would like to reiterate. I meant to say it is my main gaming computer that is having the crashing issues. It can run any modern game at high framerates. My old laptop is not having the crashing issues but it can barely run roblox games at around <40 fps. I believe you mistook me for believing my laptop was the one having the issues? Also turning down my graphics quality still made me crash even on my pc.

Try installing an ancient version of your GPU drivers. GPU driver updates do nothing except patch poorly designed games, despite the way they’re advertised.

First thing’s first. Does this happen to you on a specific game? I’ve seen this issue talked about on a few bug report threads, I recommend browsing to find which one you have and try some fixes posted there.

im so tired when WILL THEY FIX ROBLOX

Anyone got a fix? nothing worked for me so far

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this has been going on for mnths now just shows roblox is too ignorant.
had 10+ consecutive crashes while playing strongest battlegrounds even when my graphics were at minimum.

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This stopped happening to be a while ago but I don’t really remember how I fixed it or if it fixed itself. Do you have any gaming controllers plugged in or a Steering Wheel plugged in? I am not sure if that was the fix though since it was a while ago, but I had a similar issue where my Logitech wheel would make my client not launch into a game properly.

i dont even have any accessories or steering wheels i just have a laptop keyboard and mouse and thats it

Small update for anyone who still cares, I got a new pc for an unrelated reason (my old one was 8 years old, it was about 6 or 7 years old when i bought it). Roblox stopped crashing altogether, I still have a (newer) AMD CPU on my new one, and I’m planning on putting the nvidia GTX 660 from my old PC on my new one. It was probably crashing due to the old, OLD motherboard or my GPU. When I put the GPU in my new PC ill post an update. TL;DR, if you tried everything and it still doesnt work, its probably some sort of hardware issue.

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