[ROBLOX CRITICAL] Datastore Budgets Reporting 0

All datastore budgets (except for OnUpdate) are incorrectly reporting zero both in the developer console and when called via script. This is occuring in all games regardless of actual datastore activity. This is not occuring when running in test mode in the studio, values are reported correctly in the studio.

This bug is not affecting saving/loading, despite values being reported zero I have been able to save data and load it in games. This is happening to all of my games and the games owned by my group, as well as games owned by my co-developer. Previously these should have reported values much greater than 0, even around 600 in some cases. For specifics, this game (Dance Your Blox Off) is where I noticed the bug first. It is running a version that has not been edited since last week and was functioning correctly yesterday. However, since this is even happening in games that haven’t been changed for weeks I do not believe it is game specific.

In addition, when this code is run through the command line in game it always returns 0 which is incorrect: game:GetService(‘DataStoreService’):GetRequestBudgetForRequestType(Enum.DataStoreRequestType.UpdateAsync)

This bug has been occurring since about noon today.

Here is a screenshot:

Datastore Budgets in an empty-ish game (the datastore is rarely being used here, this problem has also never occured before and this game has not been updated for weeks). You can see this place here.

Are these budgets being reported 0 for anyone else?


Can confirm budgets are being reported as 0.

However, unlike your place, Adopt Me has been having major issues with loading data. I’m still trying to figure out what is going on (we haven’t changed anything for a while on our end), but it’s gotten so bad that we’ve had to shut down our game temporarily. If someone could shed some light on what exactly was changed, that would really help me debug the right code. Thanks!

For reference, here’s our average playtime to help visualize when the issue started happening:

The DataStore Budget tab was blank for me until the game used DataStoreService (via dev console – no scripts in place), but that turned out to be advantageous because I found out a little about the bug. As seen in the image below, the first call to the API returned the correct value, but subsequent calls (all request types aside from OnUpdate) all returned 0. I suspect this is related to caching.

This bug is now ROBLOXCRITICAL. @Mimi_Dev can you edit it into the title?

Do you use GetRequestBudgetForRequestType in your DataStore interface at all? It may be refusing to load/save because it thinks there are no requests available.

We don’t use GetRequestBudgetForRequestType ever. We do have a lot of fancy retry logic though. Perhaps it’s conflicting with ROBLOX’s new datastore built-in retry logic somehow?

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Try disabling DataStoreService.AutomaticRetry (in run-time at server start, not in Studio) and see if that affects anything

Is AutomaticRetry supposed to be a property here: http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php?title=API:Class/DataStoreService?

I can’t seem to access it in a script as well, unless I’m doing something really stupid
game:GetService(“DataStoreService”).AutomaticRetry = true

14:53:24.183 - AutomaticRetry is not a valid member of DataStoreService
14:53:24.183 - Stack Begin
14:53:24.184 - Script ‘ServerScriptService.ServerScripts.PlayerManager.SaveM’, Line 37
14:53:24.184 - Stack End

Hm, I got that from the announcement post about automatic retry, but I guess they didn’t add that property after all

Yeah I followed that same train of thought earlier - the post seemed to suggest that that property was already live, but it isn’t. I do appreciate you trying to help though

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Hi guys! There’s been a mistake and the max datastore budget was unintentially updated. We’ve reverted it back to it’s intended value.


Just curious, but what was the max datastore budget updated to? If it’s low, would that be the reason why Adopt Me’s datastores were failing, since Adopt Me’s max player count is 70 and does a lot of datastore requests per server?

I can confirm that this is fixed. Thanks.

So, the max datastore budget has been updated to 3 minutes worth of requests based on per place limits documented in the wiki. We plan to gradually reduce this number(max budget) to be more inline with what developers can reasonably expect to send.

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