Roblox Crowdfunding System


As a new Roblox developer without any prior successes, it is extremely hard to get funds for the launch or further development of your game.

My proposal is a crowdfunding system similar to how Kickstarter works.

There would be a page dedicated to crowdfunding and users would be able to create a page for their game. On the page they would be able to attach pictures, videos and write information about their game. They’d also be able to set a funding goal (e.g. 100,000R$) as well as donation levels (optional for the developer)

Donation Levels would work like so: The user would set a donation price (e.g. 100R$) and they’d be able to offer a reward with that Donation Level (e.g. Your name on the Stone of the Rich in Robloxia). Donation Levels would help drive the crowdfunding and make users more likely to Donate.

If the Funding Goal is not met, then all the Robux that was donated gets returned to their owners; otherwise once met the creator of the funding goal would have access to a page that gives them various statistics such as: How long it took them to reach their goal, which Donation Level was the most popular, etc.

It would also have sections for each Donation Level and a table that you can copy so that you’re able to reward the people who donated in your game.

There are of course some pro’s and cons


  1. It can be an easy and fast way for new developers to fund their game.
  2. If the funding goal wasn’t met then you know that your game was most likely not going to work out.
  3. All R$ are returned if the funding goal isn’t met, so no obligation in case of failure to meet the goal.


  1. Making sure users actually complete the project and give out the rewards promised is a big risk factor.
  2. You may need to build up some prior interest for your game so that your crowfunding page is found.

Some have brought up that you can just use a donation gamepasses. If you require 100,000R$ to launch your game but your donation gamepass only reaches 20,000R$. You’re not able to launch your game, the Robux won’t be returned to the donator and (most likely) you’ll probably spend the 20,000R$ on something else.

This is also an official way to fund your game and makes it easier for new devs to be found (How is a new developer going to get his donation gamepass bought, how am I going to find his game in the first place?)

Even though most Roblox facilities are free to use, I would need this feature to fund contractors that would make assets for my game. If Roblox were able to implement this feature, I could kickstart my projects easier and faster without the risk of not being able to pay back users if they donate to my development and it doesn’t work out after all.


I think it’s an unnecessary feature, since you are able to sell donations on groups and gamepasses. Furthermore, games with paid access are also a way of supporting a developer, as normally players are rewarded something for being a beta tester.


(Accidentally replied to Chilled, rip.) Like Chilled said, this is probably a unnecessary feature. People are already able to invest in games, and this is somewhat already a feature, paid-access games, where you basically ‘pledge’ your robux to an unfinished game, giving them money to further develop it, and in reward you get beta tester items, and an early experience.

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