Roblox Customization GUI help/guidance

I’m currently developing a text-based roleplaying game on Roblox. If you don’t know what that is based off the description I’m going to provide, try searching “MUD” on a search engine. This game is essentially one large real-time creative writing prompt, or like classic RPG’s from the 1970s. User’s collectively participate in writing stories and dialog with each other.

My game will have a heavy emphasis on character creation. It is generally a staple feature of the genre and I don’t just want a simple accessory insert or pre-determined pieces a player can put on their character.

What I currently have.

This is a picture of my current in-place system. It is a quickly slapped together GUI that allows a player to change their: shirt, pants, face (which can be changed to either a Roblox face or a decal) and add accessories of any variety. It does not yet allow for the deletion or retexture of accessories and does not yet support layered clothing inserts.

What I want.

Here are two pictures of the system’s I wish to replicate.

They both allow for the in-depth customization of one’s character. They let you attach Roblox accessories to different parts of the Robloxian (For instance, a pair of sunglasses can be attached to the hand), They allow for the retexturing of items (The bottom system also lets you change the texture to Roblox Materials), they allow for the scaling, translation, and rotation of items and allow much more.

I know my GUI doesn’t even hold a candle to the one’s I’ve showed you, but the project is only two months into development and is also a passion-project solely developed by me, so I’m not routinely working on it.

I’m not asking you to pour your heart out in your response or program it for me, I just need to know where I would even start. I’m fairly new to Lua code but my aforementioned project is entirely born out of spite and I am extremely determined to finish it.

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