Roblox default camera subject oddity when falling/jumping, workaround?

It seems that the default Roblox camera subject shifts to the root part(chest) when falling. To reproduce this fall from a height that gives you time to zoom in and out of first person you will notice that the camara zooms into the root part and not the head.

When standing on the ground and zooming in to first person, the camera moves into the head position. This is always the desired behavior in my opinion. Does anybody know an easy patch to fix this behavior of the default camera?

I have back accessory item that gets in the way of the view when zoomed in while falling. I could make it invisible but its more desirable to have the camera position at the head where the eyes would be anyway.

My eyes are never in my chest, so.

Nobody knows anything about this? It seems to possibly be related to the animation. What determines where the camera zooms. When standing it zooms into the head, when falling it zooms into the HRP. The CameraSubject is just the humanoid so why does it vary?