Roblox defult running animation overlapping with my animation

I’m trying to play a holding animation but every time I move it keep overlapping with Roblox default running animation I changed the animation priority to action but still it keeps overlapping

Is the animation set to looped? Also, can we see a video by what you mean?

yes i did turn on the loop
but i cant post the video it keep showing me error

There are different priority levels an Animation can take over one another.
For example, your Idle animation is always playing on a loop, but your Running animation has a higher priority, and plays on top of it.

You can set your animation priority in the Animation Editor, or via a Script.


AnimationPriority (

My animation? Also, @supercronter4, you can still upload it to YouTube.
Until that, I don’t know any solution for you.

here is the video

Alright. What you need to do is open the animation and move just a pixel the left and right lower arms and hands. It should fix the issue.

Yes, on your animation. you need that animation to take priority over your running animation
click the link i sent in my previous post to learn all about it

Still wrong person, bud. @supercronter4, just move one pixel on the animation, or add a simple keyframe. Hopefully it fixes the issue, and mark it as solved

what do you mean move one pixel on the animation?

Rotate the not animated parts just a little.

thank you thank you so much it worked!

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