Roblox denying my uncopyrighted audio

Recently I’ve been having problems uploading my music files into Roblox, and there seems to be a false moderation that occurs. I’ve read other posts (such as:,) and I do believe I have sort of the same problem. This one track I’ve been having problem with does use some royalty-free content, which the bot moderator might mistake for copyrighted music.

Every time I go to upload the track the website says “Asset failed to upload” or in the Asset Manager in studio it says that it didn’t pass moderation. The worst part about it is, Roblox counts all of these failed attempts as uploads, and now I only have about two left until next month.

If anyone could help, that would be great.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 075548


Just bumping this because I really need answers…


Day 16 of waiting for answers…


You can appeal wrongfully taken down audio here Roblox Support and they should reinstate it if it is found to not violate anyone’s copyright.

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Thank you. I will certainly do this. Finally someone who can help!

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I recommend contacting, as they’re more responsible for any DMCA (copyright) related stuff.

But also contact Roblox Support, and see both’s replies.

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I’ll try that too. I’ll mark which comment is the solution as soon as I find out if it works.

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@WelshRoblox and @DeVague_RBLX both of your solutions didn’t work. The support team just said that they can’t make exceptions.

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Give these people a message: Developer engagement team - Developer Forum | Roblox

Don’t necessarily ask them to solve it for you as you might get nowhere with that but just ask them how it can be solved and explain the situation in full and how you’ve had a limited and unhelpful response from the support team.

Which one did you contact? the Roblox Support or

I attempted contacting both, but sadly neither worked.