ROBLOX Developer App pain points

  1. Connecting to Studio takes forever (RbxDevWaiting for minutes)
  2. Does not support /console to bring up dev console
  3. Renders at half resolution for some reason

Does anyone use this program? Am I doing it wrong? There aren’t a lot of setting with mess with.


The Developer App doesn’t seem to get updated as often as client and studio at all, so that’s one issue you gotta deal with on top of what you already mention. I also don’t get the idea that this is a very refined app, but it is hard for me to judge.

I don’t use it myself because it’s less buggy to test in a live test place on a mobile device, and the fact that I can’t link it to my desktop because it’s connected through an ethernet cable (but on the same network) rather than wireless. Apparently they can’t sync if they’re not both on (the same) wireless network.

Just reboot the app if you have to RbxDevWait for more than 15 seconds; that usually fixes it for at least a few minutes.

All of the mobile apps do that. There’s a fixed, mediocre resolution for iPhones and a fixed, ludicrously low resolution for Androids that just gets upscaled to fit your screen.
i.e. hardware isn’t taken into account when choosing render resolution, just OS

It renders at half resolution relative to regular ROBLOX mobile on the same device.

The Developer App? What?

It straight up crashes on my phone. I don’t think any QA or testing gets done with that app on any regular basis.

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Still need an Android version.
Until then, I declare bug reports to be futile.

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That’s by design, we render at a smaller resolution but turn on 4xMSAA if available to compensate. Saves perf on shading quite a bit.

To be clear, the main ROBLOX app renders at full resolution on the same device.

Why would the Developer Test app run at a different resolution? Is it significantly slower? I assumed that it was because I was running against an older/crappier version of the main ROBLOX mobile client.

Do shaders work on mobile?

I suspect this is a bug, and nothing more.


I’ll take the blame for the Developer app not being updated in a long time. I’m working on getting it ready for release again, and plan on submitting a new build to Apple by the end of this week.

As for general Developer improvements - internally we’ve started talking again about what needs to be done on the Developer app. Threads like these are very important - not only do they highlight the most important issues that we should focus on, but they also show us that there is still an audience who will use this app (and the Android version, when we make it).


Assuming “shaders” means “post-processing effects”, they do (except for sun rays).

yes :smiley:


My proposal would be to kill the developer app and merge its functionality into the main ROBLOX mobile client.

If we did this then the version of the game its running won’t be out of sync with production, which is what I am trying to test. For instance, given that “console” and “/console” are broken in-game I assume ROBLOX Developer is running against a different version of the CoreScripts. Also someone claimed that ROBLOX Developer doesn’t work on Android yet - building ROBLOX Developer into the core product (including desktop, console, and VR) reduces the number of individual apps we need to maintain.

My game already knows more about the CoreScripts than I would like it to. If versions can be different that means I can potentially have really bad bugs in the future that are nearly impossible to track down.

My 2c

I agree, might make more sense to roll it into the regular app now (also a lot less work/code for us!). Also, we should try using our servers for pairing the app to studio, doing it locally is harder and seems to be not very reliable.


First of all, I love this idea.

Second of all, doing this is probably about 80% of the work towards letting me, as a developer, connect Studio to a running ROBLOX game that I own live on prod. This could also be very useful for debugging.