Roblox Developer Console Not Showing All Values

I was looking into optimizing our game, but noticed that the client memory does not show all values related to the game’s performance. As seen in the screenshot, “Sounds” memory is supposed to be at 118; however, the values do not add up to the correct amount. I do believe the memory is there, but I can’t see how high certain assets are as Roblox does not seem to show all the assets that contribute to the memory.

Does anyone have a fix to this or know of a better way to diagnose client memory? It does this for other sections as well, and it would be extremely useful to know of a better way to see your assets that are causing performance issues.


its a Roblox Bug I think they will Fix it

We were never able to make sense of these numbers either.

It’s very difficult to figure out what’s using memory in our games