Roblox Developer product's not working

This has been occurring as of today when trying to buy developer products on my game. Is this a roblox problem or something i’ve done to cause it?

Oh my gosh, there are wayyyyy to many errors. Please, show the script.

I don’t believe it’s the script because it had no errors like this prior and was working correctly. There is no exact line of error code as well,I looked this up and found other people has this issue in february.

These are bugs within the corepackages, just ignore them

Due to this bug players cannot purchase developer products, what should I do about that?

Have you tested on an open client? These errors normally will appear on studio or on console

I tested it, the robux purchase UI doesn’t pop up at all.

Hm, I also been having this problem with corepackages is as well. I don’t think it’s the script. But, maybe put some waits or rewrite it to see if it works.

You see the way it says “Roact”? That’s a stepup ui manager from UiBlox