Roblox Developers Conference 2018 Applications

Hello developers,

As spots for the 2018 Roblox Developer Conference begin to fill up, we are making the event available by application to anybody who has not already received an invitation. We recognize that not every developer is in the Developer Forum just yet, so we wanted to give those who are not already members a chance to go to the event. If you’re interested in going to either RDC San Francisco or RDC Amsterdam and have not received an invitation, we encourage you to submit an application as soon as possible. Remember, RDC spots are filled on a first-come first-serve basis and we have limited availability.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the application:

Please make sure to check out this announcement:

Tips to ensure your application’s success:

  • Keep Roblox content accessible. This means do not close down your places before you receive your invitation.
  • Do not submit links to models! If you want to showcase your creations, put them in one Place rather than submitting individual model links. Any individual Models submitted will not be considered in your application. A baseplate with several models you’ve made is a valid submission.
  • Ensure you are credited for your work!
    • If you submit a link to a Group Place, make sure your username appears in either the Place Description, Credits in the place itself, or you are in the Group.
    • If you submit a link to a music-sharing website to showcase your compositions, ensure your Roblox username appears somewhere on your profile on that website, in the title of the composition, etc. Recommended music-sharing websites for applications include SoundCloud and YouTube.
    • If you submit a YouTube link, ensure that your YouTube channel is connected to your Roblox profile. You can do this in your Roblox account settings under the Account Info tab in the Social Networks section.
    • If you submit a link to a portfolio for art, ensure that your Roblox username appears somewhere on your profile on that website. Alternatively, a watermark on your work will suffice as long as it is your Roblox username. Recommended portfolio-style websites for applications include DeviantArt and CarbonMade.
  • Prioritize your most impressive work. You only get to submit five links! Make sure the provided links best represent you as a content developer. You can submit hub-style Places that will redirect to other Places, profiles for portfolio websites for art or compositions, etc

PLEASE NOTE: An invitation to RDC 2018 does not guarantee you a seat at RDC 2018. This is because there are more invites going out than seats available. You may only attend RDC 2018 if you have purchased a ticket to attend.

We hope to see you at #RDC2018!


Amazing to have the possibility to see non-DevForum members come to RDC, good luck if you apply!


It’s great that dedicated members who have not yet been noticed or accepted into DevForum will be able to attend the conference.

Nevertheless, I would have liked to see a bigger gap between Wave 3 and the public offering. There were much larger gaps between Wave 1-2 and Wave 2-3 which should have been reciprocated onto Wave 3-4.


Bro if my developers can’t get in, I’ll be sad.


Not all developers are in the Devforum, I’m glad they’ll get the chance to go.


Yeah it’s a good thing they are doing it. That’s how I was able to attend back in 2016. Sure I got my tickets a week before the event but better late than never lol.


This is an amazing opportunity for all the other developers. I wish you all luck if you apply!


Just to say, a lot of developers see no need to be in the devforums even when they’re better than 90% of the people here, it’s not necessarily always the case that they just weren’t accepted.


Good luck to everyone who applies!