Roblox Devex Questons

Hello! I am a starting gfx designer myself, and I am currently doing some small commissions to reach the Dev ex requirment to cashout. However, I have some questions that I am not certain about.

  1. Is it better if I make an alt to dev ex instead of using my main. As my main has like 1 warning on it, so I am not sure whether if this would deduct the chance of me being eligible to cashout.

  2. Can Dev Ex’s robux be in a group? As I am currently doing my commission as a group shirt, so I was wondering whether if these count as the dev ex’s robux.

Thats basically all the questions I have, please answer some of these questions if u are familiar of the dev ex’s program. Thank you.

One warning won’t really do much. I’m pretty sure that you can DevEx on your main without issue, should you meet the other requirements.

The Robux must be in your account in order to cash out.

And yes, sales earned through your group (shirt sales) will count towards your DevEx. Make sure all those funds you earn from commissions go into your account before applying for DevEx.

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Adding on to that, group funds can be immediately transferred to your personal balance with no tax. :slight_smile:

To reinforce this point: I’ve been banned a couple of times on my main account within its earliest 5 or so years, with one or two of them lasting for two weeks (and possibly being close to a permanent ban, who knows). I still use the Developer Exchange program every month to this day and have been able to land an internship role at Roblox (albeit it being the Accelerator Program).

They make mention that certain moderation actions, including warnings, can be waived at the discretion of program staff. This is typically warnings, less severe overall bans and moderate bans that haven’t happened recently (can be a few months, I usually go with 6 to be safe). There’s some select cases or repeat offenses that can render you permanently ineligible to participate in DevEx, but a warning is basically nothing.


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