Roblox Dialog cutting off?

I’m new to using Roblox’s dialog so this is rather confusing.

The actual response this NPC should be giving is:
"Oh i’m sorry are you not a Hero? You definitely look like one!"

It doesn’t seem like the chat bubble is properly wrapped, does anyone have any solutions? Or should I give up on trying to use Roblox’s built-in system?


this happens in lots of games since robloxes chat has become buggy.
unfortunately there isnt really anything that you can do about it (unless theres something im missing)


This is a known ROBLOX bug.

ROBLOX are currently developing a new bubble chat to counteract this issue and bring new interactivity to the “bubble chat” system.

Feel free to read all about that here.

Until that happens, there is no designated fix to this issue that all developers can use.

As a workaround, you could make your own bubble chat system or fork the current one in correspondence with your conversation system.

Hope this helps you out somewhat.


As said:

This can be kinda hacky but it should be a somewhat permeable solution.


Go to your BubbleChat’s localscript and modify the textlabel’s size. This is as mentioned a bug.


Thanks for the info everyone. its a big help. :fish_cake:

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