Roblox-Discord cross platform chatting system!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to show a small preview of my discord-roblox cross platform chat!

EDIT: You can find the code running behind this here:

Leave any comments or feedback below!


Wow, how did you make this happen? This is insane!


this is gonna be the new discord, just kidding
Seriously tho, you mustve spent alotta effort on it


I don’t know if it will be allowed for players that are under 13, but this is amazing!


That’s insane, how’d you do that after discord blocked roblox from their webhooks?


He used a proxy for sure, or atleast a website to send requests to webhooks


Thats so amazing! I’ve never seen something like this before.

10/10 mate


@ZDH_Dev @Dyzody Via http web requests to my backend from where I also logged into the discord bot, this way I could pass information between the two.

And thanks @ValiantWind and @Xannedo!

If anyone has any questions about what I did or how they could replicate it, feel free to dm me on discord: Paige#3198

Pretty cool. But I think you should use webhooks instead of your bot. That way you can actually use different pfps and names for every message.

Also be careful with rate-limits and ToS. Roblox is for all users on the platform and if discord finds out you are allowing <13 users chat in Discord, your server and account may get terminated.

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I may change it to this sometime, as it indeed offers an upgrade.

Afaik there shouldn’t be any problems with this as I made the place for 1 player per server max, and if i recall correctly, there’s only limits per game server and not for the entire game.

And at last, thanks for reminding me, I’ll keep this in mind!

Be careful with spammers and exploiters. They can exploit your bot to send suspicious links, messages, videos, images, etc. They can spam messages to get your bot rate limited and may be restricted.

You don’t need to update your discord.js version. (Assuming you’re using discord.js) Just send an HTTP Request to the webhook and you should be fine.
(You can use Players | Roblox Creator Documentation to get player’s avatar.)

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Could you please tell how it works, its quite insane, did you use or any api?

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As said above, I worked via hosting a backend network, that then logs into my discord bot, and retrieves the data.

Discord no longer blocks HTTP connections with Roblox, you can use them without proxies now.

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Discord user can bypass roblox filter and get your game banned.

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The connection isn’t direct anyways, it goes via my own http server.

thats actually pro :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Its amazing, But does it got filters.

Also are you able to send stickers, custom server emojis, and use / commands?

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I’m just going to let it have roblox chat filtering I think!

Not yet, but thanks for the idea, I’ll try to implement it!

@ZDH_Dev @geometricalC2123 @Dyzody @Deadwoodx

As you seemed interested, I made a github repo with close to all source code behind this: GitHub - VioPaige/RoCordPublic: public code for rocord