Roblox & Discord - Verification Service

Roblox & Discord - Verification Service

A full Guide created by Felix021

In this Guide you will be taught how to use th system properly.


Roblox & Discord - Verification Service is a Verification-System where you can link your Roblox Account with Discord. Due to that the bot is currently on private, the > system is only available on a few server.

How To?

The bot has sent an embed into a channel, where you can click on the button to start the Verify-Progress. The Bot will send you a direct message where you have to follow the steps. For verifying it is of course required to own a Roblox Account and a Discord Account. During the Verify-Process you have to change your User-Account description. An exactly guide, you can find in the instruction below.

How to change the User-Account's description?

![](upload://mkiooYQYebR6NeEfhfbulxAHXhB.png) Now you are able to edit your description. And don't forget to click on "Save" :)
Version History

1. RBV 1.0 (Alpha)

  • Set Up The Bot
  • Finish Up The Coding At First

Questions and Concern can be sent to me via Discord (Felix021#2053)