Roblox does not approve after several updates of my bundle

Hello Roblox.
I have been working non stop for a month on my bundle to learn the skill.
I am very experienced with the normal Roblox assets, but it seems my bundle keeps getting rejected.
I have absolutly no clue or feedback what I can improve now to get it approved.

I am begging for some transparency from moderators.
(Honestly I have been working so hard on this to just see a word “rejected”)

Originally it looked like this

I tried to improve it by removing the cheeckpaint But it still got declined.

The idea is that it is a Jester Card build of other cards.
Its face is fully animated

Honestly this decline experience would be so much more fun with feedback. Even 3 words would help.
So many tears, energy and time to solve this getting rejected.

My Only guess now is that Roblox does not like the donut like holes.

But its like this bundle

Roblox even advertise with that bundle and my covers more screen. The geometry is watertight. (its really like a donut)

Clothes 100% work

items 100% work

I have read the rules and I am trying to be a good member of the UGC.
But I belief my bundles get rejected all the time.

Expected behavior

Feedback from a modarator why my bundle is declined (and how it can get approved).

A private message is associated with this bug report

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!

I would love an update.

I removed the face.
(Thought maybe paint was not allowed)

I went past everythign technical and asked other members that make avatars. They received the file and did not see anything wrong with it for my last post.

I removed the background of the card (Thought maybe you guys consider it as a tattoo).

I would really love to know what I need to look for or what I need to change. I want to make more avatars… but because I can’t get this one approved I am affraid to spent so much time making another.

This is how it looks now.

But even as an single head it gets dennied.