Roblox Doge Cult HQ v2 Update Log

Thanks everyone for waiting. But the update is finally here!!

First HQ v2 Big Update

  • Added Tweens to Market and ATM guis
  • Added a cooldown on the “Equip” buttons in the Large Tool Pack #1 menu
  • Edited loading screen description text’s look and added a “Play” button
  • Removed backpack and other Guis overlapping with the loading screen
  • Added a message bar on the loading screen
  • Added some nice sparkle effects and an animation cooldown to the Magical Dogecoin tool
  • Added a DogeCoin ATM where you can buy Dogecoins for cheap prices
  • Added a Doge fountain in the park area
  • Added a completely new Doge Robux Market GUI
  • Added a waterfall
  • Changed the seats around the map (press F to sit)
  • Added a new and improved server room
  • Temporary removed the Donation Center
  • Added 2 new secrets + 2 new badges
  • Bug Fixes