Roblox drawing system

Hi I’ve made a drawing system and I’m curious does 7,000 Frames affect performance when its just a small colored image on a canvas?
I do have some stuff that checks if the pixel is already placed on that spot or out of bounds so that already fixes some of the issues, I’m also going to improve it a bit but yeah.


Just realized that the pixel placed in a spot didn’t actually do anything but detected, Now I made it destroy the pixels underneath with the same position of the desired location

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It probably wouldn’t, but it might if many people in a server has a canvas, If there is one big canvas, it should be okay.


Alright thank you, this will be just client side and with low player servers!

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Instead of destroying the old frame and creating a new one, it would be more performance friendly to just change the color of existing frames.

Creating instances costs a lot more than editing properties, so it could help out your system a lot.

  • Yeah just to clue you in on a few things… dont delete stuff - if you delete too much in a single tik the roblox engine spazzes out…
    So insted make a pool folder where you place unused parts, gui etc… and they retrive them from this place when you want to use them.
  • Its more performative if you use parts rather than gui frames. plus they run on totally different systems - so the most performative would be to have 4500 gui frames and 4500 parts… But obv thats now super annoying to program.
  • Also are you sure there are 7000 frames?
    cos my drawing system looks like its way lower resolution and thats 256 x 256 = 65,536 Frames?

Made this a long time ago just wanted to say a couple of things I’ve learned last 5 months.

You should try to use math to connect each pixel instead of creating a pixel per move of a mouse (More of an aesthetic thing).
Roblox has a limit of how many ui objects you can have in a place.
Try to somehow filter out frames that are already placed in the same exact place.
Parts and viewportframes might work better?!

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