Roblox Error Code 403 "Error Occurred During Authentication."

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    Hello, I am Currently having issues with Error Code 403 “Error Occurred During Authentication.” I have seen some post but most of them are something I have Already Tried. I have been contacting Roblox Support for a Month Now in regards to this Issue. I realized I had Access to the Developer Forum. I am Trying to Acheive Being able to play Roblox Again as I am Content Creator that Revolves around ROBLOX.
  2. What is the issue?
    My Issue is in regards to Error Code 403 “Error Occurred During Authentication.” I know this issue revolves around the fact of your firewall and router. I have done just about everything YouTube and Support Has been able to tell me within the last month (I would get ghosted, Would wait 3 Days and open another ticket. Did this 3 times.)
  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I have Looked on YouTube, Some of my Friends tried to help. and Roblox Support. (I have gotten Roughly 7 Emails from them over the last 30 Days.
    I run Windows 11. I purchased this Computer Less than 2 Months ago. (June 2nd, Came in the 13th of Last Month)
    My Specs: NVIDIA 4070 ti (PNY), AMD Ryzen 7 5800x 32GB DDR4 1 TB WD SSD
    Weirdly Enough, On My Old Computer (Which is 3 Years old and Runs Roblox Fine) I connect to the Same Internet Connection, Same Accessory’s, Same Anti-Malware, Everything Internet Wise is the exact same. It Joins Smoothly, But I am Selling it off for some Cash in the future so that is not a good fix.
    Thanks for Reading,
    Anything is Appreciated.
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Have you tried submitting a bug report? If not I’d suggest reviewing this thread and submitting one: How to post a Bug Report

Hope your issue is resolved shortly!


Alright, I just submitted it, Didn’t Know that Existed. Thanks!
Have a good one!

Sorry if you have tried this, but since you didn’t specify what fixes you have tried, I might as well say this:

Did you perhaps try to manually open the Roblox Desktop App, and signing out of the account currently logged in there? It may be an issue with Roblox mistaking the accounts playing.

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I think you got banned on an alt, Or it’s a bug.

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It Doesnt Let me open the Player Whatsoever. I appreciate the help! Thanks!

Nope, Not banned on any Alt Accounts. I only have 2 Accounts My brother Plays Roblox Just Fine on his Tablet. I can play normally on my other PC which is up for sale right now.