Roblox Experience Bad Search Results

Hello developers,

This has been an issue for a while, but now I have the time to address it.

When you search something (other than a very popular game, e.g. Jailbreak) you get a completely different search results. Look at the screenshot below for example:

I typed in “Game tracker”. What does any of this have to do with game tracker? Not to mention it came 3rd.

Now, game tracker 2, look at the image below:

Now nothing, and yes, it exists. It’s playable, not private, and viewable on their group (Game tracker 2)

Am I being stupid or is this a genuine issue?

Thank you,


It’s a true issue, most of my games stopped getting new visits because from nothing, it’s impossible search them, and when I searcch for them, it appear random games completly different from the search I made.


Yeah, other alternative to find an experience is to search for it on your web browser in hopes it pops up. Or to find your own game, click “Create”.

This however cannot be done for players. So this only has an advantage for you, not anything else.

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