Roblox Experience (Code) Licensing

This feels like the best spot for this since I open source to help people learn… but anyway,

Hello! I am working on a ROBLOX game based off another one as a fanmade redux! I am making everything from scratch, but the only thing is just the idea and “name”.

I want to open source the game to teach and have people tinker with the inner working of a full round-based game.

With that, I want to set restrictions on the code usage (under a license, specifically CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Am I allowed to set licenses for my game (mainly the code but everything would be better?)

Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance :smiley:

you COULD, instead of setting it completely open sourced on Roblox, use github and provide a license on there

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That’s true, but if I were to keep it open source on ROBLOX, I’m not allowed to have a license via a README script somewhere? (e.g ServerScriptService)