Roblox faces for my game

Does anyone know if I can use the faces from roblox that are free for my game? Like specifically knights of redcliff face or classic female face? I dont want a copyright claim.

I am making my own clothes and 3d models, but the faces I was just curious about.

Yes, you can. Many games do it


Thanks I appreciate it. That helps.

What about hair styles? Can I use the free ones?

You can use any roblox created item, I don’t know about ugc items though

So free and then search by roblox?

What do you mean by that?
If roblox created the item then you’re free to use it
Also if you want to use any player created items then I suggest contacting the owner of it and asking them if you’re allowed to use it.

I was referring to searching for items in the catalog.

There are also a lot of hairs in the toolbox, but I am afraid they are stolen.

I’d suggest just using roblox created hairs or create them yourself

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You can use any item that has been uploaded to the Roblox platform without that risk. Yes, that includes UGC items.

What’s prohibited is stolen code, music (excluding music uploaded to the library), and stolen designs.

This means anything uploaded to the catalog or library can be used royalty-free, on the Roblox platform. This includes UGC.

How come people are saying that you’re not allowed to use any UGC item without permission from it’s creator?

I don’t think that UGC items are under any separate rule. As long as they’re uploaded to the catalog, users are able to use them on their character anyway, I don’t see any difference.
I also had a read at the variety of Policies surrounding copyright etc on the platform; nothing standing out about UGC. Feel free to check, I may have missed something.

^ Update, found this. J3 of Roblox’s ToS.

Kindly note that if you Provide UGC (such as a catalog item or other items to or for the Service), you do not have the right to remove or modify that UGC (unless Roblox provides tools for you to remove or modify that specific type of UGC, or unless otherwise required by law). When using the Service, you may be prompted to grant other Roblox users the right to use your UGC. If you agree to grant this right, other users may use your UGC to create their own games and other UGC on the Service, and you will not be entitled to any revenue that those other users earn, even if they use your UGC.

Seems like you need permission, which I never realised I was a thing. It indicates that they must provide individual permission grants to use, as Roblox never makes UGC creators agree to anything like this.

Anything uploaded by ROBLOX is fine, please ask permission for UGC creators. Sorry for the misunderstanding!