Is it okay to use UGC content for your game?

I’m currently working on an upcoming battle royale game. With this being said, I have a shop where you can buy masks & accessories for in-game currency. Most of these are from the roblox catalog, including UGC content.

Is it okay to use UGC content for my game?

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If you ask the creators of the UCG items and they approve, you can use them in your games.


@Crazedbrick1 is right
Message the UGC Creators

The problem is that I can’t even get in contact with these creators. Most of them don’t have any business emails or ability to message them.

If you are not able to message the creators of the UGC items then I suggest you don’t use them to avoid your game getting taken down.

dont they have there messages for followers?

I am not completely sure on how the UGC system works but I think that any models posted in the UGC catalog can be used in games however you want. I have seen a lot of games that use UGC for stuff. Even big games like adopt me do it. Their avatar changer feature lets you select most items that are in the catalog and adopt me has not gotten in trouble. So I think it should be fine to use them for your accessory shop.


I agree with you because if they didn’t want you to use it then they would have not put it in the Catalog

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Section J3 in the ROBLOX ToS:

Kindly note that if you Provide UGC (such as a catalog item or other items to or for the Service), you do not have the right to remove or modify that UGC (unless Roblox provides tools for you to remove or modify that specific type of UGC, or unless otherwise required by law). When using the Service, you may be prompted to grant other Roblox users the right to use your UGC. If you agree to grant this right, other users may use your UGC to create their own games and other UGC on the Service, and you will not be entitled to any revenue that those other users earn, even if they use your UGC.


It mentions ‘may be prompted to grant other roblox users…’. Is the something the UGC creator can choose to do. The “may be prompted” is confusing me.

We would know if there was some form of a public UGC agreement you have to sign/tick before you upload to the catalog, but I haven’t seen or heard of anything like that.

Everything uploaded to Roblox comes up to their rights but hey, this is Roblox? You can upload them but you have to go through drama, fans of those UGC creators, and probably to give a UGC creator 40% of earnings. I still recommend you to ask the creators to use them.

Like I said, the UGC creators for the most part provide 0 way to contact them (no business emails, discords, etc.) so it’s unlikely I’d be able to even ask. There’s a lot of stolen clothing that doesn’t get taken down and even some stolen things that UGC creators upload.

Perhaps I can provide a button next to the item when you click on it saying “Buy for ROBLOX” which they can buy the direct catalog item.

The majority of the UGC creators are likely on the forums, have you tried getting into contact with that alternative?

This topic has been touched on in previous ones consider in the future use the search function. You will need permission from it’s proper owner, before intending to use any sort of item within your game. Here are multiple threads that discuss using UGC items on projects/games;

With permission from the owner of course. If your making like a character editor, just credit them

If your making money off their items, message them. If not your good.