Roblox fails to load the game for mobile devices, on occasion. Requires an app reload to fix

Reproduction Steps

Issue is only related to mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

To reproduce you would join our game Gacha Online ✨ - Roblox on a mobile device. Private servers in particular seem to reproduce it more often.

Expected Behavior

GUI correctly fills the screen, and the game can be played as expected.
Screenshot 2023-03-04 104824

Actual Behavior

The screen would ‘split in half’ during loading. Camera is incorrectly placed, and the player character does not spawn. CharacterAutoLoads is enabled, which gives more evidence that this is an engine issue. Our game has also not been updated in the time this bug started occurring.

Overall, there seems to be a loading error within the engine. Game is unplayable when this bug occurs.

Here’s a full runthrough of the bug, with a workaround provided by a player.
Reopening the app while in-game causes the game to load correctly:


Reopening the app when encountering the issue (tabbing out on mobile, and tabbing back in) results in the game successfully loading.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2023-03-01 00:03:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2023-03-04 00:03:00 (-07:00)

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Is this still happening? I’m trying to work out the possible cause.

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I am somewhat confident it still happens based on some continued reports from players who experienced this issue before. However it does seem after 3/4/23 that the issue is not affecting as many players, or at all. No new, separate bug reports of this issue after that time.

This is still being actively reported for DOORS 👁️ - Roblox. According to reports, it appears to randomly occur on mobile if a player attempts to join a friend or join a VIP server

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@Abcreator this should now be fixed for any experience.


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