ROBLOX falsely moderates game description

Take a look at this description I made for my game.

I had just added access to consoles so I decided to add that in the description (replaced laptops with consoles), although ROBLOX has a issue with consoles even though people can play their game on it.

I can’t say anything in my description because ROBLOX will take it as a violation of their TOS, please for the love of everyone fix this ROBLOX. If anyone knows a way around this I’d appreciate you solving it!

It may depend on the TOS rules applied when you first wrote it compared to when you added the info about consoles.

I tried changing a comment in the title of a game once (it was just about updates) and Roblox refused to allow me to save the changes.
Turns out it was the word Roblox in my old game description. I’d tried rewording pretty much the entire description after getting it denied many many many times.
I saw a post on the forums that Roblox made a change in their TOS about using the Roblox name. I reworded the phrase “boats use standard Roblox controls” to “drive boats using WASD keys” and it got allowed.

I doubt very much it’s the reference to consoles, but since that’s the only change you made I can see how you’d think it was the problem.

It might be the word money or have something to do with access a system to view … records in your description.
It might be an issue with your social links.

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That’s weird, I change laptops to consoles and it’s considered a violation. I’ll try some of your suggestions although.

I tried your suggestion but it didn’t seem to work, I deleted access a system
and replaced money with cash.

But like I said, it’s probably not the laptops/consoles change causing the issue, it’s probably a change in Roblox’s terminology and the bot moderation system has flagged something in your entire description that wasn’t an issue when you submitted it the first time you published the place.

It may even be the image in your title.

It’d be awesome if they’d give you the actual terminology that triggered the moderation.