Roblox falsely suspended my game for no reason

Basically i woke up in the morning and i went onto roblox on mobile and i saw that my acc had got a warning that my game has being taken down for “Off-site links” and there is no problem with the game, since it was updated like a week ago

all that pain of me working so hard on my game had finally gone,

atleast i got 48k visits

here is a screenshot:

if u would like to well, explore my game here is it: Train & Cart Ride Into Noob 🎮 - Roblox

if you experienced the same please share it.

any thoughts?


it says it was suspended for offsite link
you need to filter any link in policy service, this includes any mention of “discord”, a discord link, “youtube”, “twitch” etc

once you fix that, then you can appeal the decision and they’ll fix it

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yeah I contacted roblox support already and told me there was prwnhub on it bcuz someone hacked my game last week so I’ve sorted it out now, thanks for the suggestion

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