ROBLOX Feature Ideas - Crucial to Development

ROBLOX is expanding every day, drawing in thousands of new users eager to play the games us developers make.

The resources ROBLOX provides are amazing, however I believe that small improvements to this complicated platform will not only increase the amount of developers within the community, but increase the profit amount that is received.

Below are some ideas that could really change ROBLOX a lot, and are not hard to implement:

Beginner’s Website Tutorial
ROBLOX has tons of features, and that’s all great… But when users are getting started and looking at the home page, all they see is a ton of buttons. So, naturally, they go where everyone goes: to the most popular games.

They ignore the avatar change, groups, studio creations, and more. Though this is amazing for developers who have REALLY popular games, it’s not so good for the developers who own a studio group, or a game that doesn’t automatically receive thousands of players without ads.

With a simple beginner’s tutorial, that shows said new player all the features of the website, and tells them about how to make a group, ROBLOX premium, and most importantly, STUDIO, we can bring in tons of new developers, make sure that players are spread more evenly through games, and more. It shouldn’t be so hard for a developer to get their game to the front page… nor should it be hard to get their game active.

In-game Prompts
We shouldn’t just limit ourselves to ONE prompt in-game, the current one being marketplace prompts. Developers should have the ability to promote their groups in-game, voting should be enabled in-game, and more site features should cross over…

So, what I’m saying is:

  • Add in a new prompt that allows players to join groups WHILE IN GAME.
  • Add in a voting feature IN-GAME… this allows people to share their true opinions without having to inconvenience themselves.
  • Add a “favorite” button IN-GAME… it’s just easier for everyone
  • Add in a “Follow” button IN-GAME. This will let developers share their messages more widely.

Update to ROBLOX Premium
ROBLOX premium is a feature that the community has some mixed feelings about, but it makes some sense. Some people don’t have access to a credit card, or PayPal, but only the money they have made from development… we should be able to buy the premium feature with robux, it is just to make premium more accessible to everyone… of course you would have to reduce/limit the robux perks, but make the other perks more accessible.

Update ROBLOX’s Moderation/Support System
Moderation at ROBLOX has been pretty bad, it takes a few days to even get in touch with the support team. This isn’t acceptable for a highly successful professional company, and NEEDS to be changed. Just spend more money on your moderation/support system, it may not increase sales/profits, but it’s just good for the company and encourages parents to allow their children to play.

I hope ROBLOX takes these suggestions seriously and that the developer community backs me up.

Thank you!


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