Roblox Filter Breaks Again

yeah, like usual.

I can’t translate anything in the localization tool because roblox filter apparently detects it as spam.

and same thing here:

the shopping bags emoji is now illegal

This led me to 20 minutes of troubleshooting my description, cause roblox is not highlighting the “inappropriate parts” (Like c’mon, how am I supposed to predict that this emoji is triggering the system all of sudden.)

Edit #1

Another one:

Edit #2

Almost every emoji is filtered…


The server failures are probably because of the obvious coronavirus situation and many schools being closed worldwide. That’s not exactly something that is easy to fix. They basically require more servers and bandwidth to accomodate the increased number of clients, which costs money and requires time to set up.


Aside from the time to set up, (due to the virus), roblox as a company is doing really really well, and they should’ve done things to prevent this in the first place. (Such as buying better equipment.)

There is no excuses for this. It’s just a mistake on roblox’s side.


How are you supposed to predict that a global quarantine would ensue which would require you to double your servers? Even if they did order the equipment right after the first cases appeared, it would arrive late and there would be a lack of personnel to install it. Not to mention that most of those servers will probably be left unused once it is over.


This is happening for me too, I can’t even change my game’s description, I got 2 warns already.
I’m getting mad :tired_face:

This is also happening to me and it’s very frustrating, hopefully roblox can fix asap.


@nooneisback I don’t see how ROBLOX filtering is connected to the capacity of servers and bandwith? Isn’t the problem here the crappy filter that continues to screw over everyone including the OP?

I’ve been saying it for a long time so here I go again, the filter, it needs to be either revamped so it actually does it’s job at filtering innapropiate content not basic words. Or, remove it entirely.

Yes removing it entirely will probably cause a lot more innapropiate content to go trough but I would honestly prefer that over the situation were we are in now.


If I had to guess, Roblox has servers on the cloud. Scaling up (or down) should not take any more effort than clicking a few buttons on a web page.

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He edited out a part of his post saying that the Roblox server failing every saturday annoyed him.


Dear Roblox Corporation! Dear Roblox Developers! Dear Roblox players!

Nowadays, We have much evil in our life ingame. When We want to introduce our selfs, instead of “Hi! I am kacper532! Nice to meet you!” We have “### # ## ######### #### ## #### ####”. How can this happen? Do we live in some countries where censor is at its finest? Can’t we say anything we want? Of course not. In Roblox we can’t swear, share passwords or any addresses, but we should speak normally. Tell me, Roblox, how could this happen? How can We evolve so badly? 1 2 3 4

Seriously? I had to halt since 2018 about making ‘opinion’ about censorship, but as PROMISED to be fixed, I see nothing changed but making again it bad. Looks like 1 year and half passed…

That’s still not all. When translating, especially to Polish, it can be really frustrating. I can’t translate some words into English like word “zaskryptowane” which means ‘scripted’, instead gonna say “oskryptowane” which is highly-gross word to say? Can’t you just censor cursed words and similiar to it? (making double ‘i’ or ‘u’). I think that can be again. And one more, I feel I am talking to bots on support. I feel dissapointed support is not doing its job and is not usually helping people (for my 33 requests only few of them was explained). Here’s an example of someone who didn’t knew rules of roblox.

It’s sad they don’t even care about this. Or do they? Since 2017 ain’t no nothing changed.


Locking this since it is not a bug / the topic isn’t set up in a very actionable way regardless.


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