Roblox Fonts Don't Support Apostrophes? Am I going insane?

A friend and I were working with some text and we realized that for some reason, when we try to use the various fonts provided by Roblox, apostrophes turn into missing symbol icons. I thought it was really strange so I went to look at the fonts page for Roblox and there isn’t even an apostrophe inside their displays

I don’t see an apostrophe here lol. Anyone know if we’re just being stupid?

There’s actually no way that Roblox just DOESN’T support apostrophes right?? There’s no way…

Look for yourself here:

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I have no issues with apostrophes showing up. What font did you have issues with?

SpecialElite and Arcade mostly

I’m wondering if you’re maybe using a character that looks like an apostrophe but isn’t? Could you copy and paste the apostrophe you’re using?

Using special elite, and arcade, both show up for me: