Roblox for Amazon Kindle Appstore?

Whats cooking? Is Roblox coming to Amazon Appstore? Kindle Fire Hd? Fire Tv? If not ;(

I’m assuming since the Kindle Fire runs a modded Android, you can just download the apk. I don’t know about the Fire TV though.

Do you have a link to where I can download the apk file?

Try this

I personally don’t see a reason why ROBLOX should come to a Kindle device. I would be way more excited if they added support for Consoles / Linux.

It’s technically already on Kindle. It’s just not in their appstore.

If they did Consoles, they’d have to only have support for PS4/XBone, but the problem with Consoles, is cross-platform support. Sony and Microsoft are pretty locked down on the multiplayer side of things on their consoles.

As for Linux, FULL SUPPORT, the only reason I’m not on Linux right now, is because Roblox isn’t.

Kindle version is currently being wrapped up. Expect to see it for Kindle Fires very soon (probably HD6 and up, but we’re still doing performance testing).

We added basic controller support, but don’t expect to see Roblox on the Fire TV any time soon.

It’s live now! Search for “roblox mobile” to find it.