Roblox freezes instantly on startup

Hello. For the past week now I have been unable to play roblox using the web version. I’ve resorted to the microsoft store version, which quite simply is garbage. My mouse doesn’t stay within the window when im in first person, and ends up on my second monitor. To get back on topic, I want to go back to the web version, but everytime I press play on a game, or attempt to launch the roblox player itself, it freezes instantly. I have tried everything I can think of, and done everything online, but nothing works. My graphics card drivers are updated, my windows is updated, I’ve tried moving roblox onto another drive, I’ve restarted my computer numerous times, I’ve clean installed roblox, deleting all related folders like it never existed, and non of these attempts at a solution have worked.

What it looks like when I try to launch the roblox player:

What it looks like when I try to press play on a game:

As you can see, Roblox freezes before it can even adjust to the window size. If anyone has any ideas I’m all ears, because the Microsoft store version is simply unusable.

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