Roblox Friends API Tutorial

Hi again developers!, Welcome to this new part of API tutorials!, this time we will see some functions and endpoints related to friends and followers

I want to emphasize that I wont do as many tutorials as it seems, but only those that have many topics on the forum

Today we will see:

  1. Check friendship between players
  2. Player friend online status
  3. Follower and Friends Count
  4. Check if a player is following another player

Lets Start!

IsFriendsWith(): Player is friend with another
The parameter is the UserId of a player [we’ll see if the joined player is his friend]

	if player:IsFriendsWith(1) then -- Is he friend of Roblox? No way!
		print(player.Name .. " is friend of Roblox!")

Player Friends Count: Also the name of each of his friends
Dont get me wrong but many topics have their answers in the Roblox API, you just have to understand and make some similar code

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local PlayerName = "PLAYERNAME" -- player username
local usernames = {}

local function iterPageItems(pages)
	return coroutine.wrap(function()
		local pagenum = 1
		while true do
			for _, item in ipairs(pages:GetCurrentPage()) do
				coroutine.yield(item, pagenum)
			if pages.IsFinished then
			pagenum = pagenum + 1

local userId = Players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync(PlayerName)
local friendPages = Players:GetFriendsAsync(userId)

for item, pageNo in iterPageItems(friendPages) do
	table.insert(usernames, item.Username)

--Number of Friends

--Who are his friends
print("Friends of " .. PlayerName .. ": " .. table.concat(usernames, ", "))

Friend Online Status: This means checking if the player friends are online, on mobile or playing a random game.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

local player = Players.LocalPlayer
local onlineFriends = player:GetFriendsOnline(200) -- Max: 200

local DictStatus = { -- A dictionary that I made
	[0] = "is online on mobile",
	[1] = "is playing on mobile",
	[2] = "is online",
	[3] = "is on Roblox studio",
	[4] = "is playing a game",
	[5] = "is on Xbox",
	[6] = "is on TeamCreate"

for i, friend in pairs(onlineFriends) do
	print(friend.Username, DictStatus[friend.LocationType], "| seen at: "..friend.LastLocation)
	-- you can also get the GameId that he is playing with friend.PlaceId
	-- and his last online with friend.LastOnline

To understand the dictionary: If “friend.LocationType” gives me the number 3 [because it only gives numbers], then the dictionary gives me “is on Roblox studio” because in there, the number 3 means that

SocialService and FollowUserId: Here we will see how to prompt a gui like this to invite friends, friends and more friends…


--LocalScript inside button
local SocialService = game:GetService("SocialService")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local player = Players.LocalPlayer
local button = script.Parent

	local canInvite = SocialService:CanSendGameInviteAsync(player)
	if canInvite then --check if the function is possible
		SocialService:PromptGameInvite(player) --prompt

The ‘FollowUserId’ part is not very necessary, see if a user has joined the game of a friend [who is in the game] this works thanks to this button


local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

	if newplayer.FollowUserId == player.UserId then
		print(newplayer.Name.." has joined your game!")

In this case, if I press the button then I am the user that follows the user in the game, [in other words, I would be the ‘newplayer’ and the notification is for my friend ingame]


From here on we are going to need HttpService which means: we need to activate the API and some permissions, all of the below functions wont work without the following requirements

Player Follower Count:
Roproxy wont only help us for this, but will be our travel companion to all Roblox endpoints, since roblox doesnt allow access

Many endpoints arent ‘GET’ method, Roproxy cannot get out of that limit so I will only explain some of these

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local UserId = 1
local Table = ""..UserId.."/followers/count"
local response = HttpService:RequestAsync({
	Url = Table,
	Method = "GET"
if response.Success then
	local TableBody = HttpService:JSONDecode(response.Body)
	print("Player has "..TableBody.count.." followers")

Check if player is following another player: Coding this cost me, there are some topics that ask that, but they have more controversy than answers For it to work, the player has to follow less than 100 players.

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

local Follower = 1159951169
local Followed = 1
local Table = ""..Follower.."/followings?sortOrder=Asc&limit=100"
local response = HttpService:RequestAsync({
	Url = Table,
	Method = "GET"
if response.Success then
	local TableBody = HttpService:JSONDecode(response.Body)
	for index, v in pairs( do
		if == Followed then
			print("Player is following Roblox")

Please dont use this for profit like giving rewards for following the creator or things like that, I already gave the notice so Im not responsible for anything

Anything extra you want to see about the Friends API can be found here. Ive made some more tutorials on specific APIs, feel free to explore

Thank you for supporting these tutorials, bye!


what does the “Followed” and “Follower” do? what do I put there?

Hello! Thank you for trusting this topic despite its age

As the name indicates:
“Follower” means the person who follows “Followed”

In the script we have Roblox (1) as “Followed”, and since the “Follower” (1159951169) is following him, the script will print. Its used to verify if a person follows another

You only have to put the UserId player property in both cases; Ex: Roblox = 1

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Thank you for the the reply! I thought it did something completely different.

Hate to ask, but has anyone figured out a more reliable approach to a player following another individual? The only thing I can think of is just using pcalls.