Roblox Friends API

I’ve been recently trying to make something related to players following other players on Roblox and decided to use Roblox’s API through the RoProxy proxy.

I’ve tested it on myself following and unfollowing users. If I request the data through [Roblox's Friends API Website](, the data that is given back is updated precision (when I follow and unfollow someone and instantly request the data through that website, it returns the expected data).

The problem comes when i run the given request url by the website, on Roblox’s Studio command bar, it just doesn’t work giving me either an empty table, or a table including someone who I stopped following minutes ago.

I dont wanna create my own proxy, i wanna use public ones instead.

local http = game:GetService("HttpService")

local result = http:GetAsync("")
local json = http:JSONDecode(result)
                    ["data"] =  ▼  {
                       [1] =  ▼  {
                          ["created"] = "0001-01-01T05:51:00Z",
                          ["displayName"] = "builderman",
                          ["friendFrequentRank"] = 201,
                          ["friendFrequentScore"] = 0,
                          ["hasVerifiedBadge"] = true,
                          ["id"] = 156,
                          ["isBanned"] = false,
                          ["isDeleted"] = false,
                          ["name"] = "builderman"

Meanwhile, this is the data that Roblox’s Friends API returns (THE DESIRED ONE):

Any solutions?

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I really don’t know how to help you, but I found some related topics.

Maybe they have a firewall or something and they didn’t approved roblox’s ip as it’s not a public api announced by Roblox.

Thats not to use in studio since it uses non-related .Lua code. I would have to access external scripts in order to use Auth. I since there is a simple way to do it thorugh Roblox’s API as I mentioned before, I wanna know if im doing something wrong when accessing the data or something.