Roblox Front Page Categories: How Are They Sorted?

We all have probably noticed the changes that have been made to our front page, from being able to select certain genres to just a Popular category on the front to now a wide variety of categories.

What I want to understand is, how are certain games sorted into these certain categories so I can design and develop my game to enter that category on front page. We’ve all seen people paste a dozen load of tags into their description but I’ve noticed that not even that helps now, nor does it make your game appealing.

There are a lot of questions I have for how the categories are sorted and I’m sure if this topic contains informational replies than a lot of developers themselves can refer back to this topic. Games such as Pizza Factory Tycoon have paved their way into ‘Up-And-Coming’ yet being released 4 years ago and having multiple hundreds of millions of visits.

How would I be able to guide my game into categories such as ‘Most Engaging’ or ‘Up-And-Coming’. I’m sure statistics play a lot into this but what statistics exactly?


I would think that some games are sorted on how many people play it from day to day. Also how many favorites or its like to dislike ratio.


What if games get dislikebotted or likebotted? I’ve seen people who have had to wait 43 days to get their likes/dislikes reversed and it can REALLY negatively effect the launch of a developer’s game.


Yeah I see. So then probably not the like-dislike ratio as a dislike or likebot could entirely ruin it. Maybe it could also be how many visits it has. Whether it is bots or real users.

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I thought it’d also be based on average playtime but that doesn’t seem like it has an effect as my game maintains 1500+ players a day and has an AVG playtime of 17+ minutes a day.

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It could be but you just never know. Another thing that crossed my mind is maybe how many times that game is advertised or something. Could also be the amount of gamepasses bought in the game.

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I feel like that would apply to Top Earning then, and ‘Players Love’ sounds like a copy of ‘Top Rated’.

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True. But like I said, you just never know. But it would also kind of have to depend on what category of games there is. Like, if a game that is really popular, it would probably go into the popular category.

Just an update on the thread, as a developer how should we target our games for the specific categories such as Up-And-Coming?

I must point out, this is something I’ve been trying to figure out, as it is a wonderful way to market a game.
I believe I read a while ago about some of them having requirements, and needing an application. I’ve forgotten which ones those were though.
Let me know when you find something!