Roblox Game Crash Issue

Is anyone having issues where you are unable to join a specific games?

For example, I can’t access this play nor can I edit the place for some reason. It force quits you.

Here is an screenshot from my friend’s PC :

The game can be found here :!/about


Ye its crashing for me too and my friends, I don’t understand why.

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On one of my games, I can barely run it. Typically it’s ran at around 15 FPS for me (I’m on a chromebook, so it’s pretty typical), but this time I was dropping down and staying around 2-5 fps.


I’m having the same issue too, tried the game that was linked above in the post and it was an immediate crash. I’m also having a studio issue where it just keeps saying unable to open place restart your application error and it’s just saying it over and over again. I was able to open a local version of my team create map but couldn’t load it in the online version.

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Having issues where joining certain places is crashing my client as well

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