Roblox Game Ideas? | Simple, enjoyable, unique

Hello all!

As you all know, the vast majority of Roblox games on the front page are unoriginal and boring to play. I am looking for ideas that would bring the Roblox community an original and interesting game.

Any suggestions/ideas would be great!


a game about procrastinating. lol maybe like you have to read as much books and learn as much words as possible before the exam takes place.

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What makes a game interesting? Well, it depends on the person really.

Front-page games, to me, are quite boring. In fact, I haven’t played a front-page game in a LONG time. It just doesn’t capture my attention. What many people don’t recognize is that aside from the front page, Roblox has so many group-based genres that create games that are just as popular as some front-page games. What are these groups based on? Simply what the owner is interested in.

If you’re looking to create a game that will bring in the most amount of profit, first start by making a game that you will enjoy. Build off of your interests, not the interests of others. If that doesn’t seem right to you, build off of targeted audiences. I’d argue Adopt Me targets younger than 13 girls and boys with their products. I’d also argue games like Jailbreak target 8-14-year-old boys. This doesn’t mean that’s the only age group that comes, it just means they went off of what they felt people around that age would enjoy.

As a final piece of advice, what makes these games interesting isn’t so much about the idea. Games like Adopt Me have been a thing ever since 2006, just they weren’t as well developed. What makes these games hits is that they introduce newer functions to these games that haven’t been seen before. Build your game upon functions and ideas that are new to the community, not ones that are consistent.

I’m not a huge game designer so take my words with a grain of salt. The game I develop for, a more serious group-based game has drawn 50k visits and about 150k Robux in the past two months, with about 60 consistent players. Is this anything to brag about? No, but for me, it’s what I’m interested in and it’s growing every day as we add new features that hasn’t been seen before.


I’ve got tons of ideas but those are all for my ears only. Once I make them the front page will be a little better.

In the meantime, how about a space board game where there are different tiles, you roll dice, have cards, stuff like that. To win, you need to unlock and capture all of the tiles and take over the universe. Each different planet has different resources and/or ships you can use to progress and unlock more tiles to expand your map and take over more planets.

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Thanks for your reply, this helped a lot.

That would be cool! Thanks for the idea.

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The best ideas come when you are working on a simple project: they pop up in your mind while developing and make your experience special. To have fun is the best idea I can provide you. Good luck!


I would never give someone something that’s easy to make, original, fun and profitable. I would definitely use it myself first. And… I don’t got any.
I suggest you to make a game that implements the shirt buying and virtual item trading features, like in Starving Artists. Where you can have modeling competition mini games, you can sell your models and make robux.
In simple words, it’s a fusion of Starving Artists and BABFT. Insane, right?
I have a good feeling for this!
(I can’t make it cause I already have a project)